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We maintain our position as one of the Australian’s best supermarket suppliers.

  Harry, CEO

Chun Shing International Trading is a well-established importer and distributor since 1992. We provide foods, snacks, beverages, and ingredients with more than 1000 choices of top-quality products to all major suburbs in Australia.

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Triko coconut jelly-mixed 280G * 30

Dried Chinese red date 400G * 40

Dried natural fungus 100G * 100

Natural white fungus 60G * 100

Chunshing dried thick mushroom 100G * 80

Small row peanut with skin 375G * 50

Black Rice 1KG * 14

Honghong handwork egg rolls 380G * 12

Our Recipes

Beef and noodle soup

    180 min

Place the beef bones, water, onion, ginger, Golden Bai Wei Beef Soup Spice Package in a large pot over high heat.

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Chinese Noodle Soup

Eight treasure congee

Beef and noodle soup

Omelette with Sweet Potato Noodles